Ratan provides Adhesive Coating Machines for following Industries:

  • Paper Industry products (label-stock, silicon release paper)
  • Packaging Industry products (self-adhesive tapes, BOPP tape)
  • Medical Industry products (micro-pore tape, surgical tapes)
  • Construction Industry products (protective films)
  • Shoe Industry products (cotton tapes)

Ratan’s Range of Machines :

Slitting Machine for Silicon paper, label-stock, paper, PVC films, etc.

Roll to Sheet Cutting Machine for plain rolls as well as printed rolls.

Half Square Cutting Machine specially designed for cutting labels in the sheet form and it is also used for Perforation , Creasing and Full-Cut.

Peel Testing Machine & Shear Testing Machine for Self-adhesive tapes & pressure sensitive tapes.

Our installed base of Coating Machines produces more than 66 Million Sq-mt of coated output every year and our Half Square Cutting Machines cut 1.8 Billion sheets every year across India and in global markets.

We would like to work closely with you to develop a symbiotic relationship. We would like to develop solutions which reduce your production cost, deliver greater output and keep you ahead of the competition by differentiating your offerings.